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Powered Projects

Sandhills Energy has a proven record for finding, preparing, completing, and managing renewable energy projects. We are proud to have completed over 250 GW in renewable energy.


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Wind Kimball County, Nebraska

This 30 MW wind farm represents the first re-powering of a utility scale wind farm in Nebraska. This monumental project supplies energy to 11,000 homes every year.

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New Madrid

Solar New Madrid County, Missouri

This 200 MW project is a representation of the solar capabilities we can bring to the table for large renewable energy operators.

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Clean Energy
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Wind Valentine, Nebraska

This 1.85 MW wind turbine was developed for Cherry County Wind, the largest cooperative in the United States. We worked together with Bluestem Energy Solutions to direct the project’s development.

Additional Completed Projects

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Camp Courageous

Roof Mount Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems


As the solar integrator, we developed, permitted, procured, and constructed this 275 kW project prior to sale. After being awarded a single smaller project in a competitive RFP process, we built a full-scale solar plan and completed engineering. Additionally, we set up curtailment schemes between buildings, providing a unique solution for the owner. Today, we manage Camp Courageous’ energy arbitrage operations on-site with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).


Roof Mount Solar

Iowa – 14 sites

We acted as the solar integrator for Theisen’s projects and became the preferred partner for the auto, farm, and home retailer. Additionally, we were asked to design and develop new facilities for Theisen’s at each of the 14 locations. The 315 kW projects were completed in 2017.

Owned and Operated Assets


Great River Medical Center

Ground Mount Solar


We oversaw procurement and construction management for Great River Medical Center’s 2.99 MW solar project. Additionally, we successfully created a new behind-the-meter interconnection pathway approval. Internally, we sourced the full capital stack for the project, which began operation in 2019 and continues today.

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Mason City Solar

Ground Mount and Roof Mount Solar


We safe-harbored this 1.7 MW project for full 30% ITC treatment. Additionally, we oversaw procurement and construction management, including grid synchronization. Internally, we sourced the full capital stack for the project, currently in operation.

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Roof Mount Solar


The 140 kW ARC project began operation in 2022, and we oversaw procurement and construction management, including grid synchronization.

In Development Projects

Over two gigawatts of renewable energy assets are currently under development with Sandhills Energy and our partners.


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SE Municipal Portfolio


Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado

An innovative collaboration between Sandhills Energy and Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) brings local solar energy generation to 16 communities at 15 sites across the Midwest. Construction on the portfolio began in April 2024 and will continue through 2025.

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Grain Belt Express


Midwest to East Coast

A 300 MW solar farm in Dodge City, KS connects to the 5,000 MW Grain Belt Express high-voltage, direct-current line, delivering energy to Missouri and parts of the East Coast.

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Kilgore Wind Farm


Cherry County, Nebraska

BSH Kilgore is a 58.8 MW wind facility in Cherry County, NE. Construction commences this year.

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Burt County Solar


Burt County, Nebraska

A shovel-ready 350 MW solar field in Burt County, NE.

Clean Energy Services

Sandhills Energy delivers strategic solutions developed to meet your energy needs. 

Built on a foundation of local knowledge and industry expertise, we are uniquely positioned to work with large and small-scale utilities, municipalities, and landowners.

Clean Energy Services
sandhills energy wind turbine home page

FERC 845

Sandhills has extensive experience modeling and sizing smaller wind and solar systems to be placed in service alongside already operating large utility-scale energy projects. This is made possible through a 2018 ruling 845 by FERC allowing for renewable energy projects to utilize full interconnection limits with multiple resources.

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After project completion, the Sandhills Energy team ensures the long-term reliability and optimal performance of the generating asset, maximizing return on investment.

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Project Identification

We identify and evaluate areas of interest for a renewable project based on interconnection availability, resource potential, power-price opportunity or offtake interest.

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Initial Project Validation

Once land is identified, Sandhills Energy manages all aspects of project risk assessment including local permitting environments, environmental and cultural feasibility, construction risks and interconnection risk.

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Our construction management services encompass a comprehensive suite of offerings tailored to ensure the successful implementation of solar energy projects from inception to completion. At the core of these services lies meticulous planning, efficient execution, and vigilant oversight to deliver industry-leading quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solar installations.


Asset Management to COD

After project completion, the Sandhills Energy control room continues to ensure peak performance of the generating facility through state-of-the-art performance monitoring and SCADA systems. Our experienced team of field technicians takes a proactive approach to system performance and longevity. This ensures the long-term reliability and optimal performance of the generating asset, maximizing return on investment.

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Electrical and civil engineering play integral roles in the development, design, and implementation of Sandhills Energy projects, ensuring their structural integrity, safety, and operational efficiency. Our engineering scope encompasses a wide range of tasks, from system design and grid integration to site assessment, structural analysis, and environmental compliance, ensuring the reliable, safe, and sustainable operation of solar installations across diverse landscapes and contexts.

Financial Viability Analysis

Throughout the development and construction process, we monitor the viability of a project to sell power in the market through sophisticated and vetted financial modeling.

Analysis & Optimization

We specialize in assessing and optimizing the production of renewable energy projects. From distributed generation and commercial & industrial to large utility-scale projects, we use industry-trusted standards and software to ensure success on our projects.

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Project Development

We manage the full scope of project development to create “Notice to Proceed” ready projects. This includes real estate and topographic surveys, environmental and cultural assessments, permit filing, government agency reviews, on-site resource assessments, interconnection filings and reviews, and offtake origination.

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Land Control

We manage the full scope of the land control process, which includes landowner outreach, contract negotiation, title review, and contract filing.

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Our Process

We have the experience you need. Whether it’s strategic planning, siting and development, operations, or other capabilities, from start to finish, you can count on us to power your projects.

Our Process

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