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To Conserve Energy, Process Matters

Responsible Energy Development

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The Sandhills Process

Our process is rooted in our commitment to being good stewards of the land and good people. We’re here to honor the land, harness its potential, and power the way to a more resilient energy future for everyone. 

Our Sandhills Energy process may look different depending on the project, but you will find it includes some or all of the following:

Project Initiation

We begin with a feasibility study and secure financing for the project.

Site Selection

We identify suitable locations with optimal renewable resource availability, such as wind or solar.

Land Acquisition

We secure the necessary land or access rights for the project site.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Our team navigates the complex landscape of permits and adheres to regulatory requirements.

Resource Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the renewable energy source to determine generation potential.

Technology Selection

Our experts choose the appropriate renewable technology, whether it’s wind turbines, solar panels, or others.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We assess and mitigate any potential environmental impacts of the project.

Community Engagement

Engaging with local communities or landowners to address concerns, our team ensures a positive impact.

Design and Engineering

We develop detailed project plans, including site layouts, system design, and equipment selection.

Financial Planning

We create a robust financial model, including cost estimates, revenue projections, and risk assessment.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

We negotiate contracts for selling generated energy to utilities or end-users.

Grid Connection

We establish a connection to the electrical grid, including necessary transmission and distribution infrastructure.


We partner with experts to assemble the project infrastructure, install equipment, and set up power generation systems.

Testing and Commissioning

Our team ensures all systems are operational and conduct thorough testing.

Operational Phase

We begin the long-term operation and maintenance of the renewable energy system.

Monitoring and Performance Optimization

By continuously monitoring and maintaining the system, our team maximizes efficiency and output.

Compliance and Reporting

We stay compliant with regulations and provide required reports to relevant authorities.

Life-cycle Assessment

We periodically assess the project’s environmental and economic performance.


At the end-of-life phase, we plan for equipment removal and site restoration.

Post-Project Evaluation

We evaluate the project’s success, learning from its challenges and achievements.

Each step in the process is crucial for the success of your project. It takes a team like ours with careful attention to detail and precise execution at every stage.

The Sandhills Energy Story

A Case for Success

Successful projects due to streamlined processes.

Energy Solutions

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Solar Energy

New Madrid

Goldenrod Solar is a 200 MW solar project developed by Sandhills Energy for a large renewable energy operator. In 2017, Sandhills developed a 1400-acre area for, New Madrid County, Missouri.

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Wind Power


Kimball Wind LLC is a 30MW wind farm in Kimball County, Nebraska, developed by Sandhills Energy LLC and acquired by Aspenall Energies in 2017. The project received final permitting approval third quarter 2017 and Aspenall commenced construction shortly thereafter.

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Wind Power


Valentine Wind, LLC is a 1.85 MW wind turbine owned by Bluestem Energy Solutions. The project was developed for Cherry County Wind, the largest land cooperative in the United States.

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