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Sandhills Energy Services

We’re committed to developing projects that best serve our customers, their communities, and energy goals.

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Project Identification

We identify and evaluate areas of interest for a renewable project based on interconnection availability, resource potential, power-price opportunity or offtake interest.

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Land Control

We manage the full scope of the land control process, which includes landowner outreach, contract negotiation, title review, and contract filing.

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Initial Project Validation

Once land is identified, Sandhills Energy manages all aspects of project risk assessment including local permitting environments, environmental and cultural feasibility, construction risks and interconnection risk.

Analysis & Optimization

We specialize in assessing and optimizing the production of renewable energy projects. From distributed generation and commercial & industrial to large utility-scale projects, we use industry-trusted standards and software to ensure success on our projects.

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Electrical and civil engineering play integral roles in the development, design, and implementation of Sandhills Energy projects, ensuring their structural integrity, safety, and operational efficiency. Our engineering scope encompasses a wide range of tasks, from system design and grid integration to site assessment, structural analysis, and environmental compliance, ensuring the reliable, safe, and sustainable operation of solar installations across diverse landscapes and contexts.

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Project Development

We manage the full scope of project development to create “Notice to Proceed” ready projects. This includes real estate and topographic surveys, environmental and cultural assessments, permit filing, government agency reviews, on-site resource assessments, interconnection filings and reviews, and offtake origination.

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Our construction management services encompass a comprehensive suite of offerings tailored to ensure the successful implementation of solar energy projects from inception to completion. At the core of these services lies meticulous planning, efficient execution, and vigilant oversight to deliver industry-leading quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solar installations.


Asset Management to COD

After project completion, the Sandhills Energy control room continues to ensure peak performance of the generating facility through state-of-the-art performance monitoring and SCADA systems. Our experienced team of field technicians takes a proactive approach to system performance and longevity. This ensures the long-term reliability and optimal performance of the generating asset, maximizing return on investment.

Financial Viability Analysis

Throughout the development and construction process, we monitor the viability of a project to sell power in the market through sophisticated and vetted financial modeling.

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After project completion, the Sandhills Energy team ensures the long-term reliability and optimal performance of the generating asset, maximizing return on investment.

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FERC 845

Sandhills has extensive experience modeling and sizing smaller wind and solar systems to be placed in service alongside already operating large utility-scale energy projects. This is made possible through a 2018 ruling 845 by FERC allowing for renewable energy projects to utilize full interconnection limits with multiple resources.

Services In Action

Learn how utilities, municipalities, and landowners have used our services to reach their energy goals.

Energy Solutions

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Solar Energy

New Madrid

Goldenrod Solar is a 200 MW solar project developed by Sandhills Energy for a large renewable energy operator. In 2017, Sandhills developed a 1400-acre area for, New Madrid County, Missouri.

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Wind Power


Kimball Wind LLC is a 30MW wind farm in Kimball County, Nebraska, developed by Sandhills Energy LLC and acquired by Aspenall Energies in 2017. The project received final permitting approval third quarter 2017 and Aspenall commenced construction shortly thereafter.

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Wind Power


Valentine Wind, LLC is a 1.85 MW wind turbine owned by Bluestem Energy Solutions. The project was developed for Cherry County Wind, the largest land cooperative in the United States.

Top-Rated Services

Our partners choose Sandhills because we offer services for full lifecycle development and we’ve worked hard to earn their trust.

“As a member-driven organization, MEAN is pleased to be able to facilitate these community solar projects for our interested wholesale power participant communities with Sandhills Energy.”

Bob Poehling Executive Director of the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska

“As a land owner, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of renewable energy. It’s not just about generating power; it’s about reimagining our relationship with the earth. By optimizing our land for sustainable energy, we’re not only ensuring a greener future but also empowering our community with resilience and independence. It’s a step towards a legacy that respects both our land and our planet.”


“Sandhills is our ideal client, and working with companies like Sandhills is the reason we started Horsepower. The Sandhills Energy team is composed of highly skilled entrepreneurs who are also smart enough to understand that they should focus their time and efforts on what they do best – renewable energy. We also enjoy the type of human beings the company owners are – kind, incredibly considerate, and understanding. It is a pleasure and an honor to work with them, and we look forward to growing our partnership for many years to come.”

Horsepower Today

“These projects, in partnership with Sandhills Energy, align with MEAN’s carbon neutral 2050 vision, which was earlier approved and being guided by the MEAN Board of Directors.”

Bob Poehling Executive Director of the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska

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