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Put your land to work.

Harvest Your Energy: Cultivate Rural Resilience

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Landowners are generating energy for their communities

By putting your land to work, you can secure economic well-being for yourself and future generations while also contributing to the growth of self-sustaining rural communities.

“As a land owner, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of renewable energy. It’s not just about generating power; it’s about reimagining our relationship with the earth. By optimizing our land for sustainable energy, we’re not only ensuring a greener future but also empowering our community with resilience and independence. It’s a step towards a legacy that respects both our land and our planet.”


Our Process is Committed to Landowners

With deep rural connections, rooted in the collaborative spirit of farmers and ranchers, our agricultural backgrounds and generations-long ties to the land have shaped us.

We have developed a comprehensive process based on a personal and organizational commitment to creating mutually advantageous agreements with landowners and their communities.

Our Process

Site Selection

We identify a potential project area, seeking sites close to transmission service, free from floodplains, with acceptable terrain, and no adverse wildlife impacts.

Landowner Outreach

Once a site is selected, we reach out to landowners with parcels of interest.

Community Outreach

Early in the development process, we engage local government officials to inform them and address concerns.

Competitive Offers

Our wind leases supplement farm or ranch earnings significantly, while our solar lease and purchase offers surpass agricultural land prices.

Lease and Purchase Options

We initially pursue options to lease or purchase land, to be exercised when we secure a contract to sell electricity from the project. “Land control” is essential for applying for transmission rights and selling project electricity.

Contract Negotiation

Our team collaborates with you, your family, and your legal representation to create agreements that benefit both parties. We offer consistent pricing to every landowner and maintain transparency in our contract and process.


After finalizing contracts, we typically conduct land surveys, in-depth soil testing, environmental assessments, and site visits. In the unlikely event of damage to your crops or property, you will receive full compensation.


Once we secure a power purchase agreement, our lease or purchase options are exercised, and project construction commences.

Operations, and Removal

We work closely with you to address concerns about access routes and operation management. At the end of a lease, we remove equipment and facilities, restoring the land to its original condition.

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Property Tax Relief

In most states, wind and solar farms contribute significant sums in local taxes, reducing property tax burdens. We cover all project property taxes, including any increase in real estate tax resulting from changed land usage. 

*While no state we’ve worked in has increased real estate assessments or taxes on land with a project, our contracts obligate us to cover any such increases if they occur in the future

Let’s have a Conversation

Our projects generate real dollars for local landowners like you.

Dig into real success stories and explore options for your land.

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Wind Power


Kimball Wind LLC is a 30MW wind farm in Kimball County, Nebraska, developed by Sandhills Energy LLC and acquired by Aspenall Energies in 2017. The project received final permitting approval third quarter 2017 and Aspenall commenced construction shortly thereafter.

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Solar Energy

New Madrid

Goldenrod Solar is a 200 MW solar project developed by Sandhills Energy for a large renewable energy operator. In 2017, Sandhills developed a 1400-acre area for, New Madrid County, Missouri.

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Wind Power


Valentine Wind, LLC is a 1.85 MW wind turbine owned by Bluestem Energy Solutions. The project was developed for Cherry County Wind, the largest land cooperative in the United States.

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