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Commercial and Industrial Partners

Commercial and industrial clean energy solutions are a critical aspect of the transition toward a more sustainable and resilient future. Our commercial and industrial partners are taking advantage of groundbreaking energy collaborations. 

Diversify energy sources for more efficient and reliable ways to do business.


Renewable Energy with Commercial and Industrial Partners

Sandhills is working toward clean energy goals while enhancing operational efficiency for commercial and industrial partners.

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Wind Power


Kimball Wind LLC is a 30MW wind farm in Kimball County, Nebraska, developed by Sandhills Energy LLC and acquired by Aspenall Energies in 2017. The project received final permitting approval third quarter 2017 and Aspenall commenced construction shortly thereafter.

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Solar Energy

New Madrid

Goldenrod Solar is a 200 MW solar project developed by Sandhills Energy for a large renewable energy operator. In 2017, Sandhills developed a 1400-acre area for, New Madrid County, Missouri.

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Wind Power


Valentine Wind, LLC is a 1.85 MW wind turbine owned by Bluestem Energy Solutions. The project was developed for Cherry County Wind, the largest land cooperative in the United States.

Profitable, Responsible Partnerships

Together, we’re paving the way to sustainability, where environmental responsibility aligns with business goals.

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