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New Madrid Solar

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2017 – Present

Project Name

New Madrid Solar


New Madrid County, Missouri

The Problem

In the years leading up to the development of New Madrid Solar, the state of Missouri faced significant challenges in meeting energy demands and environmental sustainability goals. The existing energy mix was heavily reliant on fossil fuels, contributing to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The region urgently needed a reliable source of clean, renewable energy to address these issues.

The Solution

New Madrid Solar, a 200 megawatt (MW) solar project developed by Sandhills Energy, emerged as the ideal solution to the region’s energy and sustainability problems.

Site Selection and Development
In 2017, Sandhills Energy identified a 1,400-acre area in New Madrid County, Missouri, with abundant sunlight and suitable land conditions for solar infrastructure. This region’s strategic proximity to major Southwest Power Pool and Midcontinent Independent System Operator transmission lines made it the perfect location for harnessing and distributing solar energy.

Establishment of New Madrid Solar, LLC
Sandhills Energy established New Madrid Solar, LLC, an entity dedicated to managing the project’s development, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Land Options and Community Relations
Sandhills Energy engaged with landowners in the region, securing three-year options on the 1,400 acres required for the project. Beyond the development phase, strong relationships with landowners were maintained, ensuring the project’s positive community engagement.

The Outcome

In 2022, Sandhills Energy sold all its rights in the project to a major owner-operator of renewable energy projects.

Positive Community Relations
By actively engaging with landowners and extending land options as needed, Sandhills Energy has maintained strong community relations. This positive relationship fosters local support and collaboration for the project’s continued success.

Visionary Renewable Energy
New Madrid Solar exemplifies Sandhills Energy’s approach to renewable energy development. The project demonstrates the company’s ability to identify prime locations, secure land, and establish key partnerships, setting a standard for advancing clean energy initiatives in rural areas.

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